Panels are an unexpected yet crucial element of MACROCK. Each year, open discussions take place in some of the venues on Saturday afternoon. Most topics deal with important issues in college radio and the independent music and art community. Occasionally, topics extend to subjects loosely-related to MACROCK’s mission which include politics, DIY ethics, and grassroots organizing.

This year’s panels are listed below:

Making Spaces Safer; Combatting Sexual Aggression and Violence

DESCRIPTION: Macrock is hosting an interdisciplinary discussion on sexual aggression and violence.

***Discretion is advised as difficult topics will be discussed. ***


Ha Tran (they/them) – Collective member of the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, community advocate at the Virginia Anti-Violence Project, half of the creative duo Ha transplant, 1/5 of SOFT WEB studio collective.

Dansen Mayhay (she/her) – Cofounder of JMU Believes You

Sidney Yi (she/her) – General Manager at WXJM-FM, Director of Dame Theory (WXJM’s longest-running feminist talk show), founder of Safer Spaces Harrisonburg

Jess Garcia – (she/her & they/them) – President of CARE (Campus Assault ResponsE), JMU’s 24/7 confiential and student-line help, and the Social Media Co-Coordinator of Know Your IX.

LOCATION: Larkin Arts

TIME: Friday, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

ADDRESS: 61 Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Rebirth of DIY

DESCRIPTION: Show bookers/promoters and musicians will discuss how to keep DIY alive, safer, and more inclusive and diverse amidst the following of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland and the consequential closures of DIY spaces across the states; and worsening economic times and federal budget cuts to the funding of the arts. Panelists will also converse about the positive and negative impacts of the digital age on DIY communities.


Pierce Jordan (Philly) (he/him) – Local promoter and musician

Drew Necci (RVA) (she/her) – Musician and journalist

Becca Calhoun (HVA) (she/her) – Grizzly Ground Founder, WXJM Media Master Sensei, and Safer Spaces Booker

Jafar Flowers (RVA) (they/them) – Co-creator of ice cream support group (queer DJ set), creative (poet, black&queer activism, musician, performance artist, etc), Verbana Blossom, Winter (Poetry) Collective

Christian Something (he/him) – Co-creator of ice cream support group, creative (photography, coding, director, musician), Yung Drummachine LLC, DJ Skrt Skrt

LOCATION: Hotel Appalachia

TIME: Saturday, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

ADDRESS: 111 East Market Suite D, Harrisonburg VA 22801

Spice Up Your Shirts

DESCRIPTION: Laughing Dog’s umpteenth MACROCK screen printing panel ~ come see how the art of textile screen printing happens and get a free print of this year’s MACROCK design. Bring a blank t-shirt, light/medium colored shirts will work best as dark ink will be used for printing. Limited selection of blank tees will be available for purchase.

LOCATION: Laughing Dog

TIME: Saturday, 1:00 – 3:00 PM

ADDRESS: 82 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

For Questions or to learn more about the panels please contact

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